Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Style G5000, Multipack

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41.00 $

  • Solids: 100% Cotton; Sport Grey & antique Heather: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; Safety Colors & Heather: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Fabric Weight: 5.3 oz/sq.yd. 100% U.S. Cotton
  • Classic Fit, tubular body
  • Versatile mid-weight fabric for year-round wear
  • Our most popular t-shirt
  • Non-topstitched, classic width, rib collar
  • Companion styles: G5000L, G5000B, G5100P
  • Tear away label for customizable comfort
  • Screen printing, embroidery, iron-on transfers, bleaching and tie dye

Product Description

This Adult Heavy Cotton T-shirt is Gildan’s best seller for a reason—wearers love the weight and versatility of the fabric, and there are companion styles for women, youth and toddlers. Made of U.S.-grown cotton, this midweight takes you through every season of the year. Its smooth surface is ideal for screen printing, embroidery, iron-on transfers, bleaching and tie dye. A fantastic choice when you want to coordinate looks for the entire family!

Product details

  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ G5000
  • Department ‏ : ‎ Mens
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 27, 2019
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Gildan
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08YDWZ3C3
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Men’s T-Shirt

Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Style G5000, Multipack

10 reviews for Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, Style G5000, Multipack

  1. nickolas

    These shirts were great at first…they fit just right, they were comfortable, and they felt good…but after the first time you wash say good bye to all the good stuff I just mentioned…they shrunk like crazy(100% preshunk cotton…ok), the cotton becomes rough and is not even comparable to what it originally felt like, and what was an XL size tshirt becomes this awkward extra shmedium size shirt that is too high on your waist, the sleeves come up to your shoulders, and the edges roll up…its safe to say dont buy these shirts or get another color besides black (black shrinks the most)….the picture I included has a brand new shirt on the right and a washed shirt on the left

  2. saffronk15

    I was disappointed in the shirt, and expect that all others are the same, in that they are thin. I was judging by a previous shirt put out by the Duck Commander, which used the same company for “Heavy 100% Cotton”. They’ve obviously outsourced and gone to cheaper materials at the same price and description. I have no choice but to keep them, as its all I can wear with my back brace from chin to pelvis, and after surgery. I can see my hand from under the shirt. These are about as thin as the old Fruit of the Loom under shirts used to be. All the best if you are looking for a shirt of this type.
    For example: I’ve provided photos of an “old” green T-shirt of the same description/brand, and the current purchase with the tag afixed and the producer. I hope this helps in your decision making. The last photo shows my fingers behind the shirt when held up to the computer screen. It is obvious that one IS heavy and one is not….I should have known by the weight of the box.

  3. Sean G. Donovan

    Gildan has a good reputation and I own many printed Gildan shirts. I bought these plain ones to be my plain everyday wear shirts. The fit out of the package was good though they weren’t very long. I thought it was something I could deal with since the rest of the shirt fit very well. After one wash (cold water, low heat dry), the shrinkage of all these shirts was astounding. They tightened around the neck, arms, and I lost about two inches of length. Now, I have to wear my pants up high to avoid a crop-top look (trust me, no one wants that). Plus, they faded almost instantly. Next to the 3 year-old black Fruit of the Loom shirts they were supposed to replace they look almost gray. The worst part: I missed the return window, so I have 10 worthless shirts I have to replace. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

  4. F. Kostella

    I expected a product named Heavy Cotton to be what we’d think of as heavy and cotton, like the Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts I’ve purchased in the past. I was not pleased to find out that they are 50-50 cotton/poly blend, which is fine if that is what you want, but I was looking for something that breathes like 100% cotton, or 95% cotton, does. These do not, which means that I will keep them for when I need better insulation, but they are too hot to wear when the temperature goes up. They are also not very heavy, which makes me suspect that what Gildan calls Heavy Cotton is some branding or marketing name they use to hide the fact that these are not heavy nor pure cotton. They are, however, inexpensive.

    The tear-away tags are nice, but there is no printing on the material itself, which means I will eventually forget the size and material and maker, which seems a bit strange. I have purchased lots of Gildan cotton briefs and t-shirts over the last decade because the quality of Fruit of the Loom and then Hanes went down the tubes. I hope this does not indicate that Gildan is also shifting to making low price/low quality products that I can’t afford to toss money at. If so, then that’s a real pity, I’ve been a very happy customer until now.

  5. Amazon Customer

    We usually buy exclusively Gildan Heavy Cotton brand shirts for my husband, as they seem to fit the best, and are very durable. The last order I made, I ordered 10 shirts, all same fit, just different colors. I received 4 one day, which I washed immediately in cool water and tossed in the dryer. Today, I received another 4 shirts, and I cannot believe how much they shrank! The blue is obviously the washed shirt, the green is fresh out of the package-
    Very disappointed in Gildan if this is their new standard of quality.

  6. Geoffrey

    If you are like me, you like plain black shirts. You are also 6’5″ (192cm) with an average build. You are also bald, have a wicked beard and are right handed. You enjoy literature, jazz and punk rock music, smoke too much, drink too much and have lead a colourful life full of triumph and disaster.
    If any of this applies to you then these shirts will allow you to be you, but less naked. They fit me great, feel good against my skin and have stood up to the rigorous demands of cladding my torso. Also I have used one to wipe up a combo spill of beer, vodka and whiskey, spilled in a moment of intimate passion.
    So if you are like me, rock on! You magnificent, mangled disaster.
    Man I gotta stop writing these when I’m hungover.

  7. j

    I just received my 10 shirts. I have worn a lot of Gildan t-shirts over the years and these are not the Heavy Cotton ones. Sure the label says Gildan Heavy Cotton but they are definitely not. The label is different than the usual white Gilden Heavy Cotton label. The label is grey and it says they are made in Nicaragua. If you read the fine print (with a magnifying glass) you will also see that they are imported into Mexico – why are they selling them in Canada? These shirts could not be any thinner – you can see right through them. For $4 a shirt maybe it is what you can expect, however, they were sold as Gildan Heavy Cotton – this is fraudulent. Not sure who is mislabelling them but someone is. These are cheap knockoffs.

  8. Ryan Dare

    While looking for some new tshirts I found that most shirts from the name brand retailers were in the $30 range. I even loaded up a cart which totalled almost $100.00 for three shirts! Refusining to pay the rediculos price I searched amazon for shirts. By the way, when you are searching amazon use the filter to sort by ‘average customer review’, this is how I found these shirts and I find that filter very helpful. I was hesitant to order the shirts as you have to think for approximately $6 a shirt the quality is likely going to be poor. When I received the shirts the quality seems decent to me for the price. The label say 100% cotton. The fit is slightly larger then I was expecting but for that I was pleasantly surprised as that is what I was hoping for. I’m 5′ 11″ and 220 and purchased the XL. The length comes down to the bottom of my Jean’s zipper which I like so everyone doesn’t have to look at my butt crack when I bend over. The quality is satisfactory, keeping in mind it’s a $6 shirt and you get what you pay for. However, now when I get oil on my shirt from cooking or working on my truck, it’s no big deal…throw it out put on the next $6 shirt. Plus I dont care for brand name labels. Why the hell should I pay a premium price for cloths to end up walking around advertising for them?! Highly recommend based on excellent value.

  9. Dave T.

    It says it’s a 10pk, but it isn’t.

    They added an extra zero by mistake I think, but more probable is that that the ’10’ actually refers to the thread count of the shirt itself because it’s not thick at all. I can clearly see the creases of my fingers through the T-shirt. It would be great for certain Tshirt contests though, so there is a small, niche market for thin white T-Shirts.

    In the actual parcel (containing the SINGULAR T-Shirt), in the packing slip it even has the audacity to claim that it’s a 10pk, further reinforcing my thread count theory.

    I’m giving the same amount of stars as the amount of shirts I got.

    TL;DR: You don’t get 10 shirts. Shirts are definitely not thick at all. You’d think that if I’m paying 30CAD for a T-shirt, it’d be of decent quality. I’m giving the same amount of stars as the amount of shirts I got.

  10. Tom M.

    The tees may be called heavy cotton, but you have to read the details carefully. The ad said solid colours were 100% cotton. Later on it said heathers were 50% polyester. After looking at a number of colours, I selected what looked grey to me. Unfortunately, it was heather and turned out to be 50% heather. Feels like I’m wearing mosquito netting.

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